Who are we?

At The Adelphi Project, everyone that we connect with has one thing in common – they have a story.  Regardless of age, ethnicity, culture, religion, gender, faith or sexuality, we treat everyone the same way – with utmost respect for where they have come from and who they are as a person.


Jaime Rose-Peacock, Managing Director
Jaime Rose-Peacock, Director of The Adelphi Project, has more than two decades experience working with people across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.  Her expertise has provided her with the privilege of working with diverse types of people. She has helped guide individuals dealing with long-term unemployment in the East End of London, to CEO’s of large corporates looking down the barrel of redundancy, and with stay-at-home parents keen to re-enter the workforce.

Over the years, Jaime has also guided many individuals through conflicts with their employers. She understands that fear is often a factor in situations such as these, and that it can be hugely stressful.  However, she also knows the strength that can come from resolving these situations, and that a positive outcome can bring excitement and huge relief.

Alongside The Adelphi Project, Jaime runs an HR/ER consultancy, Marbles – People & Culture Hub. She has a Bachelor of Business in HR Management and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and is currently working on her Master of Arts, with a special focus on Organisational Psychology.

Jaime is a member of the Human Resources Institute of New Zealand (HRINZ), the Employment Law Institute of New Zealand (ELINZ), the Institute of Directors (IOD), and The Association for Workplace Investigators (AAWI). She is also an executive member, and Secretary/Treasurer, for the ELINZ Board.  Jaime is a Licensed Private Investigator as per the requirement under the Private Security Personnel & Private Investigators Act 2010.

We are here to help you. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your situation, feel free to contact Jaime at The Adelphi Project any time. We’d love to hear from you!