Our Services

The Adelphi Project was created when we realised that most employment relations services are focussed on the needs and growth of businesses. When it comes to the people within business, we realised there is a large gap in support services.  Our vision is to help empower people. We can coach, guide and support you in understanding your employment rights, and obligations.

Employment Relations
We know the law! and with this knowledge we are a great option for providing you with independent employment law advice. We can also provide independent reviews of employment documents (agreements, offers, job descriptions, formal letters, etc).

Employment Representation & Support
We promote healthy, stress-free & conflict-free professional environments. We can assist you if you find yourself in a challenging situation at work, such as a personal grievance, dispute, disciplinary, performance improvement plan, or conflict.

Assistance may come down to us acting as your Representative, or we may have some simple suggestions to guide you.