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About The Adelphi Project

The Adelphi Project’s ultimate vision is to help individual’s to experience positive employment relationships.  We can help you with guidance and support, or with representation and advocacy if you find yourself in a conflict situation at work.

Our values are built on integrity, communication, and fostering relationships. We genuinely believe that these are the foundations for success and growth, both personally and professionally.

We work with people of all ages, abilities, ethnicities, cultures, faiths, and genders and we have the utmost respect for each and everyone’s individual story. No one is excluded. When working with us, you will be treated with the same warm approach as the previous and next person that comes through our doors.

We are here to provide impartial and independent advice on your employment journey and want to help you on your pathway towards a more positive professional future. We are objective, empathetic and dynamic in the way we respond and react to your needs. We’d love to speak with you, hear your story, and help you on your journey.

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